May 21, 2019

Direct and effective warming with hot air produced by the sun

The innovative AIRSOL product, which instantly and efficiently heats homes and professional spaces with hot air produced by the sun, has been launched in the international and Greek markets since the beginning of December.

AIRSOL is a hybrid product that incorporates the German innovative technology of selective absorption from titanium oxides for maximum absorption of solar radiation and its conversion to heat together with a photovoltaic cell to provide hot air in in the heated space.

AIRSOL is 100% self-contained, that is, without any use of electricity or other cost-effective energy, and can save 60% to 80% of conventional fuel to heat homes or cottages, offices, schools, etc by filtering and heating fresh air and at 60 ° C.

Its installation is extremely simple and can be done on a wall, roof or tile even by the consumer himself.   In the Greek market there are two models that are suitable for home use: AIRSOL 10, which is suitable for space between 10 and 40 m², and AIRSOL 20 suitable for space between 20 and 60 m². For larger spaces there is the professional AIRSOL 35, which can cover any space as large as the heating needs. The warranty for all AIRSOL products is 10 years.

The AIRSOL 10 price is € 550.00 + VAT and € 900.00 + VAT for AIRSOL 20.