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May 21, 2019

High aesthetics & performance solar tiles

SolTech Energy has created an efficient, clean and simple solar energy system for single-family houses as well as large residential and commercial buildings. With the SolTech thermal collectors, which have been specially created for these glass tiles, the installation is simple and the overall system performance even greater.

Reduce energy consumption with proper lighting!

By properly illuminating a space, improving its operation and reducing energy consumption. Lighting also greatly affects the aesthetics of a space and the mood of the user. In winter, when the day lasts less, the energy we consume for lighting reaches 17 to 20% of the total electricity we consume in our home. A single 60-watt bulb that works for one hour is responsible for 39 grams of CO2 and costs 0.6 cents a euro. Low-power lamps are a great solution, but there are solutions to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

10 Tips to Reduce Your Energy Earnings This Year

There are many simple ways to minimize the amount of energy needed to heat your home. From suitable insulators in your home until you just dress for the season. Inhabitat proposes 10:

Ecological and economical way of heating

Pellets are an ecological and economical solution to heat our space. The pellets are small pressed pieces of plant products without chemical additives, with energy content much higher than that of wood.

What frame / frame can I choose and why?

This is the question that dominates all those who have even dealt with the subject of photovoltaic installations.

It is clear that no one can give an easy or single answer to this question because there are several different factors affecting each photovoltaic installation, others less and more (for example height of sunshine, spatial peculiarities, meteorological conditions, cost, orientation, shades, etc.).