May 21, 2019

High aesthetics & performance solar tiles

An efficient and intelligent solar energy system is this new technology, an innovative product for an energy efficient and ‘smart’ roof.

SolTech Energy has created an efficient, clean and simple solar energy system for single-family houses as well as large residential and commercial buildings. With the SolTech thermal collectors, which have been specially created for these glass tiles, the installation is simple and the overall system performance even greater.

The roof of an ordinary house receives about five times more solar energy a year, as energy is consumed by the family living in the house! With this smart solution, however, one can take advantage of this energy, save money and at the same time acquire a beautiful new home for his home.

Simple and “intelligent” installation

Instead of traditional tiles made of concrete or clay, SolTech Sigma special glass tiles are used. Below the glass tiles, SolTech’s special solar collector units are installed to collect solar energy. The units are interconnected on the roof to create an integrated solar collector system. The generated solar energy results in a special water storage tank, which is connected to the central heating system of the building. This setting makes it possible to first use all the energy provided by the sun. If it is not enough to meet the overall needs, the central heating system compensates for the difference.

A flexible system

The system can be incorporated into all currently known heating systems such as district heating, geothermal heating, air-to-water heat pumps, pellets, wood, oil or electric boilers.

The greatest amount of solar energy is produced naturally during the summer when the sun shines longer. On the beautiful winter days, at the end of autumn and early spring, when our energy needs are greater, a significant amount of energy is still produced. The reason is the overall efficiency of the system combined with the large absorption surface, as it is also a roof.

Maximum efficiency is achieved when the roof faces south, but also the south-west and south-east orientation have very good results. The ideal roof angle is 45 degrees, but with 20 degrees, the system performance is good. If the tilt angle of the roof is less than 15 degrees, it is possible to design a suitable solution for each case separately. Each installation is customized for each property. The SolTech Sigma system can be installed throughout the roof or a part of it, depending on the needs and wishes of the customer.

When only a part of the roof is used as a solar collector surface, SolTech Energy’s special glass tile installation is offered to the client as a solution to the whole roof so that the aesthetic effect is both attractive and uniform.

The characteristics of SolTech Sigma tiles

  • Number of tiles / m2: from 8.9 m² to the maximum bead distance
  • Width: 334 mm
  • Length: 420 mm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg per tile
  • Light transmission: approx. 90%
  • Spacing distance: 340-370 mm
  • Material: glass