May 21, 2019


According to data, more than 75% of existing biological cleaning systems operate in accordance with the old technology plan. The E / M equipment is in a state of malfunction or operates at power limits, and concrete tanks are in poor condition due to corrosion. Our company has the necessary experience in repairing old and manufacturing new high productivity biological cleaning systems. The technological solutions we offer will ensure the savings of resources you will spend on repairing a biological cleaning system. We guarantee high consistent wastewater quality, lower electricity costs and reduce staffing for maintenance. A successful maintenance of a sewage treatment system is always accompanied by a series of analyzes.

Now our company in partnership with Hach Lange ( is able to provide this piece to the customer, directly and at low cost. The aim of our company is to make water analysis better, faster, simpler, more environmentally friendly and more informative, through our constructive cooperation with our customers, thanks to our trained and qualified staff and our reliable, easy to use products. It gives the possibility for immediate and accurate results in any position.