May 21, 2019


Firewood from the Mills of Crete

Clean Nuclear Power is a new biofuel that responds to the demand for cheap and clean, domestic energy. It can save up to 70% on oil and up to 40% on wood pellets. The raw material used to produce it is the olive-pomace, which in many cases is used unprocessed as a fuel.

The pure kernel is produced after proper treatment where the fruit is cleaned from olive flesh, giving an ecological solid biofuel with high thermal value, low ash and odor relative to the core.


Combustion of pure nuclear fuel is suitable for residential or professional use and finds applications in a wide range, from heating a small house to producing thermal energy for electricity generation.

For burning it is necessary to use biomass burners or biomass stoves capable of firing nuclear fuel or multivuators suitable for a plurality of solid biofuels, such as wood pellets, kernels, corn and nuts.

Installing a clean nuclear fuel burning system is an advantageous investment and a safe choice. Clean nerve is characterized by low cost, its raw material is domestic and is abundant, thus reducing the risk of price fluctuations.

Even in cases where replacement of the existing heating system is required, the installation of a new system that enables the combustion of alternative biofuels can provide flexibility and amortization in a short period of time.


The most important and immediate benefit resulting from the use of clean nuclear fuel as an alternative form of energy is the economy, which can reach 40% compared to the wood pellet, up to 70% compared to oil.

Its price is low and stable in relation to imported raw materials (oil, wood pellets), and its thermal power is significantly higher than other cheaper fuel (wood, core).

An important source of savings from the use of pure core is also due to the purity of the final product, which has a consistent performance and low maintenance costs for the burners and can not be tampered with.

With the use of domestic biomass, such as the pure NYRON CRYSTAL MILLENNIUM, household dependence on oil price fluctuations and speculative trends is decreasing, while the Greek economy is supported.

In addition, installing or replacing a burner system and / or a nuclear fuel boiler falls under the Household Savings program of the Ministry of the Environment and is subsidized from 15% to 70% for costs up to 15,000 euros.


Clean Nuclear Power is an ecological form of energy. Because it is of plant origin, it is a renewable energy source in contrast to oil and gas, which is renewed over a long period of time.

The Ministry of the Environment recognizing its ecological value has judged it preferable to oil and therefore suitable for use within cities.

In addition, pure nylon, as opposed to the kernel, produces very low moisture, resulting in more energy and lower ash rates and limited odors.


Clean Nuclear Power is a handy form of energy. In terms of wood, it occupies much less storage space. In relation to the core, it is cleaner and smoother when stored. It is also fuel that burns in an automatic way, without the need for continuous feed like wood and without sticking to the boiler like the core.

In addition, it can be supplied in small quantities, depending on the needs of the consumer. The quantity of a bag of 20 kilos is sufficient for about 10 to 20 hours of burning, depending on the conditions and the burner.


The pure MYLON CRETE NITROGEN comes from the fruit of the olive tree and is a purely Cretan product, friendly to the environment.

Thanks to the high know-how of the CRETE MILLS and after special processing of the core, it is possible to separate the part that retains the characteristics of a clean combustion with very small emissions of gases and odors in relation to the raw material.

The pure MYLON CRETE NYCLE is characterized by consistent quality and high thermal value (4,400 kcal / kg). As a result of the special treatment, low humidity is achieved, which results in less smoke and low ash (1% – 1,9%), while the smell of combustion is reduced.