May 21, 2019

The 10 + 1 energy saving modes

The 10 + 1 ways to save energy

The 10 + 1 ways to save energy are:

  1. Change the incandescent lamps in our room with saving lamps.
  2. Close the TV, stereo, and generally all electrical appliances from the main switch (do not leave them in the stand by state). Annual savings of about 30 € from the electricity bills and a reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions by 300 kilos.
  3. Proper insulation of the house ensures coolness in the summer and warmth in winter. This avoids the use of an electric heater or stove. If we place double glazing we save 10% on the heating bill. In addition, if they have a low emission thermal cut, the savings reach 20-30%
  4. In the summer we put a fan to cool down and avoid using an air conditioner. Within just 30 days, we save around 60 € and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 600-700kg
  5. We do not forget the chargers when plugged in. Every charger we use (mobile or wireless phone, various electrical appliances), especially if it is of an old type, can cost us 2-3 € per year and its use will involve the release of 20-30kg of carbon dioxide. Better get them out of the socket
  6. Lower washing temperature in the washing machine and wash only when the bucket is full. Energy saving 30-50% per wash
  7. We prefer laptop and flat screen, turn off the screen and turn off peripheral systems when not in use. Annual savings of approximately € 15-20 from the regional ones and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of about 150 – 200kg. Laptops consume up to 93% less power than fixed ones.
  8. We cook smartly, in dishes that fit into the hearths with the lid closed. Ten minutes before preparing the meal we close the eye. We do not unnecessarily open the door of the oven. If the base of the utensil is 1-2 cm shorter than the hearth, we are wasting 20-30% more energy. Each time we open the oven door, 20% of the heat is lost.
  9. When buying new electrical appliances, we select a high energy class (A ++, A +, A). Refrigerator: yearly savings of 25 € and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 250kg. Washing machine: annual savings of € 3 and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 30 kilos
  10. Place a solar water heater. Saving at least 150 € per year and 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide

11.We are laying on our roof a photovoltaic power system (1kW, ie about 7-11 square meters).