May 21, 2019

What does the ideal solar and collectors have for the largest solar system in the world …?

The Solcrafte solar panels as well as the 36.600 m² collectors. in the PNUW Campus system of Saudi Arabia have been designed and manufactured 100% in Austria in the world’s most modern factory by Kioto Solar, the world’s leading manufacturer of solar thermal systems! The Arabs prefer to sell us the oil! Saudi Arabia has 25% of the world’s oil reserves. For years, however, they have found it to be worthwhile to sell oil and gas rather than to recklessly burn them. So they built the world’s largest solar thermal park for hot water and heating on a new campus set up in 2010 in Riyadh. Solar collectors produce the energy they would need 2,800,000 liters of oil every year.

It is highly symbolic that the largest solar thermal system in the world is in the country with the largest oil exports. While oil prices, and hence potential export earnings, continue to rise, almost inexhaustible solar energy is always available at low cost, which is not unreported by the Saudis. From the Greeks? The desert specials for the PNUW project

The requirements for participation in such a project were, of course, very large: International competition

Great performance Extreme weather conditions

Resistance to sandstorms

For the design and construction of the collectors, the Austrian know-how: large FP collectors (10square metres) manufactured by GREENoneTEC (the KIOTO Solar group – owned by Solcrafte and Solar Energy) was once again invited. Theros and Kioto Solar (Solcrafte, Solar Energy) have an exclusive co-operation agreement for Greece.

 The ideal solar … Solcrafte Style Solcrafte

Style is the first compact solar with a built-in stainless steel hot water tank, which is suitable for a variety of applications.

Water is heated directly from the sun without losses. So energy efficiency is significantly higher than traditional solar energy.

The excellent performance is combined with impeccable aesthetics.

Advantages for you, Certified high performance.

Discreet and modern look.

Excellent material quality.

Very easy and fast installation.

There is no risk of overheating Minimum maintenance since it has no abnormal or antifreeze.

Easy transport, all in one box!