Paterakis Energy




May 21, 2019

Direct and effective warming with hot air produced by the sun

The innovative AIRSOL product, which instantly and efficiently heats homes and professional spaces with hot air produced by the sun, has been launched in the international and Greek markets since the beginning of December.

Protect your environment and your pocket

The co-funded program of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change “Home Saving”, which provides incentives for beneficiaries to make significant interventions to improve the energy performance of their home, is now known to all.

Hybrid systems for maximum autonomy

Hybrid systems for maximum autonomy! A hybrid system is an energy production system that uses more than one production method to meet the required energy. These systems combine electricity that comes mainly from local and renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics, wind turbines, hydroelectric systems and biomass, exploiting the geographic advantages of the area.

What does the ideal solar and collectors have for the largest solar system in the world …?

The Solcrafte solar panels as well as the 36.600 m² collectors. in the PNUW Campus system of Saudi Arabia have been designed and manufactured 100% in Austria in the world’s most modern factory by Kioto Solar, the world’s leading manufacturer of solar thermal systems!

The 10 + 1 energy saving modes

The 10 + 1 ways to save energy are:

  1. Change the incandescent lamps in our room with saving lamps.
  2. Close the TV, stereo, and generally all electrical appliances from the main switch (do not leave them in the stand by state). Annual savings of about 30 € from the electricity bills and a reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions by 300 kilos.